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Your journey to a lifetime of healthy skin starts the moment you walk into VCI MedSpa. Our innovative treatments work best when accompanied by consistent use of medical grade skincare at home. We are proud to offer you our handpicked, favorite products that will have you looking and feeling your best!

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We are proud to partner with the iSCLINICAL team to offer high quality skincare options. The founders and brilliant scientists behind iSCLINICAL make ethical and sustainable standards a priority and offer our providers continous learning opportunites. We translate this knowledge into skin care plans tailored to each individual client. 

Omni Medical Grade Skin Care

Omni Medical Grade Skin Care produces superior skincare and haircare products using superior growth factor and other innovative active ingredients. These products use patented technology that focuses on recovery from aesthetic lasers, micro-needling, peels, hair growth treatments and more.


This medical grade skincare line is created especially for VCI MedSpa. Our products complement multiple treatment regimens.

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