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Olivia Quido Skin Care & O Skin Care

As CEO and Founder of O Skin Med Spa, Olivia Quido-Co has devoted 16 years into making women feel and look beautiful. Armed with a deeply-rooted passion for skin esthetics and nurturing instincts, her holistic approach to beauty and life in general has brought her success as a top-rated aesthetician, entrepreneur, women’s advocate and a Christian philanthropist.

Using top of the line ingredients from different parts of the world, Olivia’s products have earned a reputation of dramatically replacing surgery for curing certain skin problems, thus revolutionizing the use of topical products as a non-invasive alternative. 

In 2011, Olivia launched her own Skin care line which quickly attained a massive following due to its amazing results. They released their 24-karat-gold infused products under “The Secret Collection,” in 2017. 

Acne Treatments

Anti-aging Care

Wrinkle Prevention Care

Omni Medical Grade Skin Care

Omni Medical Grade Skin Care produces superior skincare and haircare products using superior growth factor and other innovative active ingredients. These products use patented technology that focuses on recovery from aesthetic lasers, micro-needling, peels, hair growth treatments and more.


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