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As we age, our hormone levels naturally diminish, causing fatigue, moodiness, weight gain, and other symptoms, such as a decrease in sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and even incontinence. VCI Med Spa offers a noninvasive solution with the FDA-cleared EMSELLA® chair. All you have to do is sit. Without surgery or medication, this chair can help you gain better control of your bladder or increase your overall sexual experience. To stop urinary leakage , get more sensations, and achieve more spontaneity, consider sexual health and incontinence treatments at our Tinley Park, IL practice.

During your first visit, our highly trained professionals will conduct an exam and learn about your concerns to build a personalized treatment plan using the EMSELLA chair to help individuals strengthen pelvic floor muscles and regain bladder control, or men to improve sexual performance and stamina. We invite you to learn more about the following treatments at VCI Med Spa:

Incontinence Treatment: This breakthrough, noninvasive treatment features a special chair that sends gentle electromagnetic energy to contract and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles of any individual. The session is quick, lasting about 30 minutes.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: Sitting in a special chair, this treatment uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate contractions in the pelvic floor muscles, resulting in greater neuromuscular control of the pelvic muscles and preventing erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. You are fully clothed while sitting in the EMSELLA treatment chair. There is no downtime needed after these sessions, and normal activities can be resumed immediately after the appointment.

The EMSELLA chair is a noninvasive way to control the bladder and strengthen the pelvic floor with electromagnetic stimulation. By evenly stimulating the muscles in the pelvic floor, the EMSELLA chair can build neuromuscular stability to decrease episodes of urinary incontinence. Treatments with the EMSELLA chair at VCI Med Spa offer effective, clinically validated results to reduce urinary incontinence and improve sexual health with the following benefits:

  • Remain fully clothed during a treatment session
  • Requires no surgery or medications
  • Naturally strengthens pelvic floor muscles
  • Treatments are easy, comfortable, and quick
  • Improves sexual performance and stamina
  • No recovery period or downtime
  • Helps to rebuild confidence and quality of life

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Does EMSELLA hurt?

You can think of an EMSELLA treatment as a very intense pelvic workout — you might feel some tingling or muscle contraction, but there should be little to no pain. Some patients like to use their treatment time as an opportunity to relax.

How many EMSELLA sessions do I need?

It's common for patients to experience noticeable improvements in sexual function and urine leakage after just one EMSELLA treatment, but the best results are usually observed after a series of 4 – 6 sessions spaced out over the course of a few weeks. During your consultation, we'll discuss the specifics of your case and how many treatments you may need. 

How long will my results last after EMSELLA?

Generally speaking, EMSELLA results last 6 – 12 months after the last treatment. Your results may vary according to your age, lifestyle, changes in your health, and more. We will schedule a follow-up after your last appointment to see how you are doing and arrange further treatments as needed.

VCI Med Spa provides a noninvasive alternative to medication and surgery to improve sexual wellness and incontinence issues. Advanced technology can help improve blood circulation to penile tissue or strengthen pelvic floor muscles for better bladder control. If you would like to improve intimacy in your life, contact our expert team in Tinley Park, IL to schedule your consultation.

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