Why Medical Grade Skincare?


Have you ever wondered why it was necessary to spend those extra bucks on name brand skincare when you can just stop at your local Walgreens or CVS for what you need? Trust me I’ve been there… As an esthetician and a skincare lover, I am always checking the ingredients on the products I introduce to my skin. Once I started doing that, I realized how scary drugstore skincare can be!

What is in drugstore skin care, and why is it so cheap?

Products from the drugstore have low levels of active skincare ingredients. Drugstore brands usually will not tell you how much of the active ingredient is in the product. Instead, you will find the good stuff at the bottom of the ingredient list (ingredients are ordered from highest to lowest percentage). This makes the products have very little effect on your skin. Even if you are not spending much, you are not getting much either!

A lot of times, drugstore skincare includes ingredients that will dry out the skin such as alcohol. When you dry out your face too much, your skin will start to produce oil and sebum to make up for the loss of hydration in your skin. This excess oil can cause breakouts and a compromised skin barrier.

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What makes medical-grade skincare so different?

I know what you’re thinking- you don’t want to break the bank on skincare that you will need to constantly re-purchase. The formulas in medical-grade skincare are designed to reach deeper into the skin for a more dramatic improvement. This is possible due to the higher concentration and number of active ingredients involved. Because of the higher concentration of ingredients, you will not use up your products quickly! A lot of drugstore skincare products have filler ingredients that will sit on top of the skin, and not penetrate prompting you to use more than necessary! Do not let ingredients fool you.

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Medical grade SPF versus drugstore

Like all other medical grade products, the major difference is in the concentration of active ingredients. If there is one product you want to invest more in, it should be your sunscreen! Radiation from the sun is classified as UVA, UVB and UVC rays. UVA and UVB are of greatest concern since our skin is exposed to these rays throughout the years. UV rays are present year-round with greater intensity in higher altitudes and near the equator, resulting in higher rates of skin damage and cancer. These are the same rays emitted in tanning booths and responsible for melanomas.

Over-the-counter sunscreens usually do not contain as many active ingredients as medical grade, with only the 70% pure ingredients required by the FDA. Instead, drugstore brands contain inactive compounds, fragrances, and preservatives. This leaves you with less sun protection.

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